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The best of BOSTON LIVE comedy is now at Smitty's Cinema. LIVE and IN PERSON (not on movie screen) stand-up comedy featuring comedians you've seen on DRYBAR, THE TONIGHT SHOW, LAST COMIC STANDING, and other popular comedy shows. Doors always open at 6 pm! Show starts at 7 pm. FULL menu, drinks, & cocktails are always available for the perfect date night. All shows are assembled by legendary stand up comedian, Jim McCue. ---FEATURING---CHRIS PENNIE, a really funny fella. I’m not just saying this because he used to take one of my hot lady friends on motorcycle rides. He has no gimmicks, unless you count being a single dad with a hot body and glasses talking about what happened to that kid in high school that wore the beret. (Pennie assures me that beret boy is fine, “still not right, but he’s ok.”) Pennie started performing comedy five years ago in the trenches of Boston’s notoriously tough open mics, which he began as a result of his constant complaining. “Every time I would complain about things that really bothered me, the people I was talking to would always be laughing by the time I was done. It was never on purpose, but I realized that I should do something with it.” ---MICHAEL BUNKER--- a Maine Comedian he has provided top shelf comedy and top shelf laffs for over 20 years! ---DAN DONAHUE--- is an electrician by trade who started comedy 4 years ago. He performs on shows all over New England, opening for the likes of Juston McKinney, Christine Hurley and Dave Rattigan. Dan has a story telling style of comedy, mixing real life with irreverent observations. ---JIM BISHOP---


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