To our Valued Customers,

Reserved Seating:  Reserved seating is now the norm in the cinema industry and this allows us to better serve and protect our customers and improve your overall experience.

What this means:  When you purchase tickets online or at the theater, you will pick out your seats on a virtual theater seat map.  Each seat on the screen and in the theater will be identified by a unique number, such as A1, A2, B3, B4, etc..,. 

The benefits:  You will know exactly where your seat is when you enter the theater and our staff will be there to assist you, should you have any questions. 

What doesn’t change:  We still encourage you to arrive early to settle in before the start of the movie and enjoy everything from candy and popcorn to drinks to apps and dinner.  We maintain our excellent service model so you can better enjoy movies, meals, and more.

Seating will vary based on the theater. The general layout will be similar to the image below.

Reserved seating overview

To reserve the seats simply click on the seat locations. Mobile users can zoom in for better detail.

The checkout will contain the chosen seat locations

Call your local theater or 207-850-7702 for any questions regarding reserved seating.