Axe Throwing

People watching person throwing an axe

GameLAB features Axe throwing lanes with added projected targets allowing for additional games like Viking, Moving Bullseye, Team Elimination, Tic-Tac-Toe and more.

We have various axe sizes that anyone can throw. No experience is necessary and all skill levels will have a great time as each lane rental comes with a qualified Axpert to help you learn and have fun! Throwing stars are also available for super easy and fun throwing upgrade!

Axe sticking in a target

Popular Games

Bullseye Game


Traditional BULLSEYE target. Points are earned in the amount of the ring the Axe sticks. Team with the most points after 10 throws wins.

Viking Game


Force the other team(s) to spell "VIKING" with your Axe throws.


Race to 500

First team to reach or go over 500 points wins! Every hit on the board gets points.



Instead of BULLSEYE you hit grid compartments. Each hit registers as either an X or O. First team to get three Xs or Os in a row wins.



Closed-toe shoes are required! Please have all parties sign the waiver form prior to arrival to save time. If you are late for your appointment you will NOT be given additional time at the end of the session. No one under age 12 is allowed. Anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please double-check your booking time. If you come at a time other than your booked time, we may not be able to accommodate you.

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